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Oilfield Disposal Services

Providing Environmentally Responsible Oilfield Waste Disposal Solutions for Customers in the Midcontinent

Nemaha is conveniently located near Enid, Oklahoma with paved roads to our location. We accept Drilling Fluids, Drill Cuttings, Production Water, Flowback, Contaminated Soils, and much more. We also have 2 SWD’s that can accept a combined 20,000 barrels per day. Our unloading stations can support several vehicles at once, which allows for an easy and painless disposal process. On-site personnel are prepared 24 hours a day 365 days a year to assist drivers with their every need.

Oil and gas industry

Nemaha Environmental Services is a long time established steward of the land and water around us.

Nemaha Environmental Services has a long history associated with the oil and gas industry in Northwestern Oklahoma. The Gray family started the facility back in 1985 during the drilling boom of the early ‘80s. The first pit lasted several years before a new one had to be built and over the course of the past 30 years, new pits were built and eventually filled and re-mediated.

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Disposal Services



Water Based
Drilling Mud & Cuttings

Oil Based Drilling Muds & Cuttings

Cement & Gel




Salt Water


Impacted Soil

Impacted Soil

Top Soil and

Fresh Water


Two Lanes for SWD • 7 Minute Offload TimeAvailable 24/7 for Convenience

We are permitted to accept a wide variety of drilling fluid regardless of chloride levels.

Paved roads to front gate, rocked roads across facility.

Our injection wells ARE NOT into the Arbuckle zone, found to be related to Oklahoma seismic activity.

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We work closely with all our customers to insure success. Please submit any questions below or simply request a phone call and we’ll be in touch!