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About Us

Environmentally Responsible Oil Reclamation and Disposal Services

YOUR Commercial Team


Audie Dorrough

Chief Operating

PH: (580) 281-0607


Douglas W. Billings

Chief Commercial

PH: (405) 999-0204

Andrew Thornbrough

Andrew Thornbrough

Reclamation Manager

PH: (580) 542-3906


Graham Crosswhite

Disposal Manager

PH: (580) 541-2075


LJ Chavera

Eagle Ford
BS&W Procurement

PH: (210) 478-8533


Our Mission

To utilize centrifuges to quickly and efficiently reclaim salable oil from BS&W in the Eagle Ford and Midcontinent producing basins, and provide the Midcontinent oil and gas industry with environmentally responsible disposal services.


Our Vision

To support our country’s growing energy independence, and protect both the environment and the safety of our employees.


Our History

Nemaha has a long history associated with the oil and gas industry. Beginning operations in 1985, we've become one of the premiere disposal and oil reclamation resources trusted by oil & gas operators throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas.


Utilizing Our Skills and Expertise to Create Value for Our Customers

Nemaha Environmental Services has a long history associated with the oil and gas industry. In the Midcontinent, the Gray family built the disposal facility during the drilling boom of the early 1980’s.  Over the next 30 years, Nemaha became one of the premiere disposals trusted by the Midcontinent E&P operators to provide affordable and environmentally sound solutions.

In 2015, the Oklahoma disposal facility was expanded to add an oil reclamation facility, and in 2019, Nemaha built an oil reclamation facility in the heart of the Eagleford oil basin. Nemaha extracts and reclaims salable crude oil from oil comingled with basic sediment and water (BSW) such as orphaned inventory, off-spec crude, tank bottoms, and oil floating on top of disposal pits, all byproducts of the oilfield operations. Depending on the quantity of salable oil entrained in the BS&W, Namaha can turn what is often a waste stream expense for operators into a new source of revenue for operators.

Whether your needs come from the Drilling, Completions, Production, or a remediation phase of your operations, Nemaha is your single-source provider of environmentally responsible oil reclamation and oilfield waste disposal services.

As we continue to build our business and grow our company, we are grateful for the continued loyalty and acknowledgement we receive from our customers and the communities we serve.

We are here to help!

We work closely with all our customers to insure success. Please submit any questions below or simply request a phone call and we’ll be in touch!